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Promotional Services

From banners to pennant flagging to metalic streamers, we have your back. From showing the world a grand opening to re-kindling an existing business, nothing says it better than a promotional event. We are the only company that retails and installs custom promotional products. We have been doing this for years so we understand what will withstand and not loose its luster for the time duration of the event and have samples to show you. Serving Albuquerque, New Mexico and the surrounding communities. Feel welcome to contact us at any time.

Insured, Licensed, and Bonded Company, Contractor ID 86986. We Use Properly Licensed Journeymen.



Grand opening, new management, just remodeled, to fall clearance sale, banners are a good way to advertise. The message gets out there without running ads, changing web pages, and multimedia commercials in a fraction of the cost. They are reusable for each promotion ran, whether seasonal, quarterly, holidays, or by city and state events. We can design an easy means to switch them out according to your needs.

Pennant Flagging


Pennant flagging is used for a variety of promotions and are an effective way to draw attention to any promotional event. Available in many sizes, colors, and thicknesses depending on the length of the promotion. From short term 4mil to 8mil to plasi-cloth strings, there is something to match your promotion.

Metalic Streamers


Metallic full cut fringe streamers work both day and night due to their reflective qualities. They are the most effective way to show a promotion hands down. If properly strung they can give the appearance of a building exists on the perimeter of the property. This is why they are the most popular amongst the high end retailers whose products are displayed outside the building.

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