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Flagpole Repair, Maintenance, Service, and Installations

''The American flag represents all of us and all the values we hold sacred.'' - Adrian Cronauer

The team at Horizon Electric Signs, part owned by a veteran of foreign wars, is experienced and more than glad to restring, repair, or install flagpoles in the central New Mexico region. We work on all parts of the flagpole system whether it is the pole, truck, halyard system, lighting, or foundation. We can help with suggestions on flag sizing, pole height, rope selection, snap hook/grommet matching, noise suppression/reduction, flagpole ornaments, and tamper-proof devices.

The biggest issue we run into is flagpole maintenance followed up by improper flagpole and flag sizing. Without restringing, changing rope, and cable at proper intervals the flagpole halyard system is not inspected regularly. During these inspections the rope, snap hooks, cleats, and the flagpole truck with ornament could be repaired or replaced saving money and down time in the long run. We can also catch improper flag and flagpole sizing. This can cause a flagpole to bend or foundation issues such as a crooked flagpole and a non-sealed pole base. Aluminum poles corrode when not sealed properly and concrete foundations break with the steel poles. Flagpole manufactures rate their poles un-flagged and is kind of misleading to customers. We can offer flagpole service contracts to keep any flagpole up and running for years to come.

Other services we offer are flagpole lighting packages, tamper-proof devices, and noise suppression/reduction devices. Flagpole lighting can be installed at the base, mid-section, and at the top. It can be conventional powered or solar. Tamper-proof and security devices can be added and cleats be relocated on any pole whether it is internal or external halyard system. Noise suppressing and reduction hardware can be added and some other modifications can be done to quiet up halyard systems. Ever hear the saying, Flagpoles are to be seen and not heard.

We hear at Horizon Electric Signs are more than glad to share our expertise and experience with any project. We restring, repair, sell, install, and straighten flagpoles with or without lighting packages. We also do decorative pole bases and provide flagpole service contracts and are just a call or email away.

Serving Central New Mexico, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Los Lunas, Belen, Bernalillo, and surounding areas.

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